Hello World

Pardon me for keeping “Hello World” as the title for this post. A blog at this domain has been alive for years, even before blogging was really a thing. But this is a whole new world now that I’ve moved to Blue Host for hosting. Go Daddy has changed a bunch and although I have left my domains there, I decided to give Blue Hosting a try. I’ve heard much about them over the years. It didn’t hurt that the popular online rebates site Ebates had a nice little perk.

The best part is I don’t have to install WordPress myself. My job hasn’t included much by way of development but from my self-employed days I still remember how to do it. But these days when it’s done for you and updated regularly, also something I had to do manually, well, I much prefer this way of doing.

My updated resume is coming soon. At what point can it be considered a CV?